Do you plan to travel?

Let's Go! With Safiri App you can easily plan your journey and buy a ticket. You can also:

  • Plan your journey and get insights on the cheapest tickets, the fastest way to get to your destination and etc
  • Buy a ticket at the comfort of your home, workplace or wherever you are. No need to make long journeys and travel to the ticket booking offices, we bring everything at your fingertips
  • Never get scammed again with fake tickets! With Safiri App you'll get a valid ticket and receive text messages & email notification when you purchase tickets
  • Never miss your transport! We'll remind you about your journey and send you notifications so that your transport doesn't leave you
  • Never get lost again! We'll show you a preview of your journey on a map and you'll see exactly where you're going
  • Pay for your tickets using M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money and TTCL Pesa
  • Never loose your ticket again! Simply register for a Safiri account to keep track of all your tickets
  • Get 24/7 support for help on using Safiri App
  • Search and buy tickets for all modes of transport Trains (SGR & MGR), DART (Mabasi ya Mwendokasi), Daladala, Planes, Bodaboda (Coming Soon)

Do you own or manage any mode of public transportation?

Do you own or manage buses, boats, ferries, daladala? With Safiri App you can:


Company Management

Manage your staff and agents; Create a timetable and set your routes; Manage and track you vehicles; Get a record of every trip made.


Free POS Devices

Get a free Point of sale (POS) device; Get free Float for your POS. Free POS device maintenance and replacements.


Ticket Scanning

Automaticaly scan and verify tickets with Safiri App and prevent fake and fradulent tickets. No need for pen and papers


Instant Payment

Automaticaly receive the payment for tickets directly into an account of your choice and prevent the loss for money and fradsters. No more fights and arguments with sales agents.


Sales Reports

Get daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports to know how well your business is doing; Get advice based on the reports to grow your business.


Free Website

Get a free website to enable you to do business in the 21 century, expertly built with cutting edge technology that'll advance and catapult your business to the next level.


24/7 Service Support

Do you have any issues using Safiri App and the Safiri Client Admin systems? Don't worry! We provide 24/7 support for both your business and your customers


Advice from our Experts

Get advice based from experts on how to grow your business and increase your revenue


Corporation Taxes

Using the data we have on your tickets sales, we'll give you an *estimated* figure of what to expect on your end quarterly or annual taxes


Pay Your Agents (Coming Soon)

Automatically get a report on amount of sales done by each agent and know the exact amount of commission to pay them.


Realtime Tracking & Updates (Coming Soon)

Receive realtime updates of the location of your vehicles; See your vehicle live as it moves on a map and know when it will arrive at a stop in realtime.


Full Parcel Management (Coming Soon)

Manage and track the parcels you transport in realtime.

Choose the plan that works for you

Flexible pricing options to suit your business


Original price 4% / ticket
/ ticket

For individuals just getting started

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  • Manager Staff
  • Manage Company
  • Manage Vehicles
  • Manage Routes
  • Create and Manager Timetable
  • Manage Trips
  • Free Company Website
  • Free Branding and Advertisement
  • Ticket Scanning
  • 24/7 Support
  • Pay your agents securely (Coming Soon)
  • Safiri transit Agencies Coalition (Coming soon)


Original price 5% / ticket
/ ticket

This offer is only valid until 31st March 2021

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  • Everything in TWIGA
  • Send trip updates to passengers
  • Free supply of Bluetooth Thermal Printers with maintenance
  • Receive Reported Incidents
  • Discounts and Vouchers
  • Dashboard Analytics and Overview
  • Full Parcel Management (Coming Soon)
  • Sales Reports (Coming Soon)


Original price 7% / ticket
/ ticket

For the fast-growing agency and agents

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  • Everything in SIMBA plus
  • Realtime tracking and Updates (Coming Soon)
  • Free supply of POS devices with maintenance plans
  • Free Float for the POS device
  • Sales Reports and Improvement advice
  • Staff Activity Reports
  • Your own websites with ability to sell your tickets
  • Using the data we have on your tickets sales, we'll give you an estimated figure of what to expect on your end of year corporation tax returns

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This offer is for the owners and managers of regional buses only.

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