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Safiri App is a leading marketplace for tickets and management systems. We offer services that enable transit operators and travelers to do everything online. Clients can get their travelling tickets at the comfort of their home, offices or anywhere.

We enable you to get to your destination by providing you realtime updates of your transport and other transit information. Save yourself the trouble of physically travelling to the booking offices, and simply book online with Safiri App. No more long queues at the counter. No more uncertainty regarding the time your transportation is arriving. Simply book online and get realtime updates of your journey with Safiri App.

We provide easiest online bus ticketing system to bus operators with their own branded website, counter ticketing system, Owned Mobile money Integration and SMS integration. Our integrated system allows travelers to book bus tickets through their smartphones, tablets and computers.

When you book with Safiri App, you get a real time access to bus tickets directly from major bus operator because we host the counter ticketing system to their office and we are their technology partner.

We aim to revolutionize transportation industry by enabling bus operators to automate their company operational activities which in turn reduces their operational cost, save time, booking open for 24X7 and receive payment directly to their account once booking done.

Booking a bus ticket from anywhere made possible by us simply booking through Safiri App that's found on both Android and iOS store.

Safiri App customer service representatives are available 24x7 and happy to help your ticket booking process or attend to any of your issue.



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